We all know great relationships take work. We make that work simple, fun and yeah, a tad competitive.

No one starts a relationship hoping for it to be mediocre. But life gets busy and all of a sudden you can't remember the last you really connected. We're like a monthly instruction manual for your partner (think Ikea's instruction sheets but actually useful) so you both can:

  • Understand each other better
  • Go on more great dates
  • Build more intimacy
  • Compete against other couples
  • Live that life you wanted

We make it super simple to stay in love & live the life you always wanted

1. Sign Up, Fill Out Your Profiles

Sign up. You & your partner tell us about yourselves (& what you think you know about the other): anniversary dates, Enneagram type, communication styles & gifts you'd love to receive.

2. Check Your Monthly Guide

We analyze you both & send each of you (separately, no peeking!) what you can do for your partner: big things, little things...all the things. All geared exactly for how your partner is wired.

3. Do The Important Things

Do the dates. Say the things. Give the hugs. Leave the notes. Give the gifts. Follow the guide & watch your relationship transform. It's like an investment portfolio for having an epic relationship.

Got questions? Book a discovery call.

Find out how we can help you build and better your relationship.


Membership that comes with all the perks

Each month we send each person awesome stuff to do for their significant other - designed to blow them away. No peeking at each other's guide!


  • Available in the USA + Canada
  • 4 Dates (2 for Each)
    When was the last time you went on a date? And no, binging Netflix together doesn’t count. Our dates will be based on you and your partner’s couple profile. It will be sent separately so you can surprise each other.
  • Ideal Gestures
    Does your partner like holding hands? Do they enjoy it when you compliment their appearance? Or do they prefer if you unload the dishwasher? We’ll fill you in on all the deets and send you monthly reminders to keep it top of mind.
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  • Available in the USA + Canada
  • 8 Tailored Dates (4 for Each)
    We tell you where to go, what to order, and give you the run-down of the atmosphere. We even do all the reservations for you.
  • Ideal Gestures
    Does your partner like holding hands? Do they enjoy it when you compliment their appearance? Or do they prefer if you unload the dishwasher? We’ll fill you in on all the deets and send you monthly reminders to keep it top of mind.
  • Relationship Coaching
    Want to take your relationship to the next level? Let hop on a monthly call so we can discuss your specific relationship goals and help you achieve them faster. This is not a therapy session, but we are here to listen so you can build and better your relationship.
  • Custom Couples Challenge
    A little competition never hurt anybody. Compete with each other and yourself, that is if you’re up for the challenge. Plus, get a chance to win cool prizes from us.
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The results are in

Dave M.

Austin, TX
I don’t like admitting it, but I’m terrible with planning dates. With Authentic, I don’t have to worry about that. They do all the planning for me. No stress and happy wife! 😎

Jenna L.

Charlotte, NC
I was surprised when my husband signed us up for this service. He wanted to make our three year anniversary special, especially since our previous anniversary was a complete fail. After the first month we ended up subscribing for the entire year. And the surprise dates are the best! We definitely recommend you keep at least one of the dates a secret from each other.

Breonna S.

Nashville, TN
Me and my husband have been together for a while now, we started dating in high school. And today he bought me flowers. Flowers!! 🌸🌼 And they were carnations, my favorite! He hasn’t done that without it being a special occasion since high school. Thanks to Authentic cool features like the buy now link, he doesn’t have any more excuses to not buy me flowers.

Kat C.

Los Angeles, CA
Finally a company I can get behind! Authentic focuses on what important to us, our love for each other. If any couple is on the fence about it, you should definitely try it out. You won’t regret it!

Jackson M.

Chicago, IL
Thank God! 🙏 I hate planning dates. Trying to research what to do next is stressful and I rather do other stuff with my free time. I’m so excited to get things started.

Jason T.

Atlanta, GA
I first heard about Authentic from a friend. He was telling me about all the dates he and his wife were going on, even during a pandemic. Then I took my wife to some of the same places and she loved it. We both loved it so much that we decided to sign up for it ourselves so we could get personalized dates too. The best part is that they name specific places in Atlanta, some that I haven’t even heard of.

Craig D.

Denver, CO
I’m going to be honest and say that I didn’t really have high hopes when we first started this service. I didn’t understand the point of the personality quiz since I thought it would end up being generic dates and gestures. Besides I know myself better than this random quiz. I was shocked after the first month. My husband is finally more aware of my wants and needs and I am more aware of his. We understand each other better than ever before thanks to Authentic.

Matt S.

Huntsville, AL
Paying for a service I could do myself? I wasn’t too thrilled about it. So I tried to prove to my wife that we didn’t need to pay for this and that I could do all of this myself. And I was wrong. I would always end up trying to coordinate things last minute and after being frustrated we would just end up ordering Chinese takeout from the same place we always go to. Even though I’m happy just watching college football with her, she doesn’t feel the same. After we signed up my wife has been so much happier and you know what they say, happy wife happy life.

Lucia R.

Washington, DC
I’m happy with this service. The gestures and acts of kindness are my favorite part. Especially with two young kids, small things like that can be forgotten in the craziness. Authentic is affordable and the results are quick and easy to read.

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You've got questions, we've got answers

What's included?  How does it work?

We've got one membership level and everything is included in it. It's super simple. Here's how it works:

  1. You & your partner fill out a detailed profile of personality, values and communication styles.
  2. Each month we send both of you detailed date ideas, gift suggestions, things they need to hear from you, and things you can do to rock their world.  Each of you gets ideas for the other.
  3. Go on the dates, leave the notes, do the things (all of them!).  Have an incredible relationship.  Rinse and repeat.
What's included each month?

Each month we bring you and your partner (separately, no peeking!) some big date ideas, small date ideas, gestures to make to your partner, gifts to get them and things they need to hear from you.  We base all these on detailed personality, values and communication profiles for you and your partner Enneagram types, the whole INFJ/ENTP personality type + more.  

We cover all love languages, small anniversaries (1000th day together), the big life events and everything in between.  All designed specifically for your partner and the city you live in.

I dig it.  What's the price?

Just $19/month per couple.  Arguably the most important subscription if you want to be happy.

Will you have date ideas for my city?

Yes, absolutely.  We're rolling the service out in all major cities in 2021 according to where our members live.  So sign up & our date designers will develop dates for your city specifically first, before everyone else.  

Do you help couples work through issues?

If those issues are lack of dates, quality time, acts of service, notes left on the mirror, silly inside jokes, hugs, kisses on the forehead, flowers and gifts your partner actually wants...well then yes!  We've got you covered.  
We're about taking the regular, consistent actions to create an incredible relationship.  For deeper issues, we leave that to professionals.

Another subscription service?  I've already got so many.

We hear you but Netflix & Hulu won't give you a better relationship.  And because great relationships take consistent regular action and effort and it's a lot of fun to make your partner really happy, we'd say we're worth more than that subscription box you keep forgetting about.

I mean, we don't want to flex too hard but we might be the most important subscription you'll ever have. #justsayin

Are you really giving away a Peloton?

Sure are.  And not some sweaty used one from Craigslist with someone else's butt sweat on it.  This is a brand new package straight from Peloton - [url=https://www.onepeloton.com/shop/bike/the-family-package]the Family Package[/url].

Is there a contract?

Nope.  We don't roll that way.  You can cancel anytime.  If you signed up under a deal, we refund you for any months not used.

Can we sign up for just 1 month?

Sure! You can cancel anytime before the next month is billed.

Why should we pay for this service when we could just use Google?

You could absolutely use Google & do all the research yourself.  You can even set up reminders in your phone.  But wouldn't you rather use an advisor?   We save you time in coming up with ideas for big dates, little dates, small gestures, sweet nothings, things to communicate and gifts to give that your partner actually wants.  We're like financial planners.  You don't NEED us per se but we sure do take the work out of investing.

What about my data?  We just saw Social Dilemma on Netflix - freaky stuff.

Yeah, we did too. We don't ever sell your data. Not even a little. Everyone needs less problems, not more.